What should a Scout Wear?

The Boy Scouts of America is a uniformed organization. Our policy is that volunteers and unit members are expected to be in as complete a uniform as financially possible during unit meetings and activities.  The uniform instills a bit of pride and ownership in the program and the members of our troop. The Class A uniform consists of the following items:

  • BSA short or long‐sleeved khaki Scout shirt with appropriate patches and insignia properly sewn
  • Scout shorts and/or Scout long pants
  • Scout socks
  • BSA green web belt with Scout buckle or Scout leather belt (unless pants are self‐belted)
  • Neckerchief and slide
  • Scout hat (optional)

Correct placement of uniform insignia is shown on the inside cover of the Boy Scout Handbook and in the BSA Insignia Guide. Patches must be placed on the uniform in the correct location and attached in a neat manner.

Merit badges are worn on the merit badge sash. Merit badges are not worn on the Scout shirt. Merit badges may be worn in three columns on the sash; there is no required order. 

Uniform items may be purchased at the Memphis Scout Shop located at 171 S Hollywood St, Memphis, TN 38112.