What about Transportation?

In most cases, the troop will need adults to help provide transportation to and from outings. Drivers are expected to obtain drivers’ insurance that meets at least the minimum as defined by State Law. If you ever intend to assist as a driver, you will need to be listed on the troop’s driver list.

Scouting youth under age 18 are not insured under the BSA’s commercial general liability and cannot be allowed to drive to or from Scouting activities. This includes an under 18 Scout or Venturer driving himself to a Scouting event, even if he or she is the only one in the car. This includes short trips across town or long trips across the country.

Driving to or from a standard meeting place isn’t an official Scouting activity or part of any tour planning.

For most camping trips, the Troop will meet at St. Timothy’s and travel together. On some local excursions, we will meet at that location.